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The Year That Was <insert expletive of your choice>

Usually, I like to start a new year on an upbeat note, but this time I just cannot find the right fit. I was considering whether to revisit technology that can clean water – lauding the effort of the Bill Gates … Continue reading

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The Church of D-Wave

Are You a BDeliever? Science and religion have a difficult relationship, and sometimes they combine in the most obscure manner, such as when Scientology was conceived.  The latter seems to have lost a lot of its appeal and followers, but it … Continue reading

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He Said She Said – How Blogs are Changing the Scientific Discourse

The debate about D-Wave’s “quantumness” shows no signs of abating, hitting a new high note with the company being prominently featured on Time magazine’s recent cover, prompting a dissection of the article on Scott Aaronson’s blog. This was quickly followed … Continue reading

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Scott Aaronson (again) resigns as chief D-Wave critic and endorses their experiments

An exercise in positive spin. Update below. The English language is astoundingly malleable. It feels almost as if it was tailor made for marketing spin. I noticed this long ago (feels like a lifetime) when working in a position that … Continue reading

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Out of the AI Winter and into the Cold

Any quantum computer using superconducting Josephson junctions will have to be operated at extremely low temperatures. The D-Wave machine, for instance, runs at about 20 mK, which is much colder than anything in nature (including deep space). A logarithmic scale … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing Hype Cycle and a Bet of my Own

The year 2013 started turbulent for the quantum computing field with a valiant effort by long time skeptic and distinguished experimentalist Michel  I. Dyakonov  to relegate it to the status of a pathological science akin to cold fusion (he does not use the … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Quantum Mechanics

Updated below. Gravity and Quantum Mechanics don’t play nice together. Since Einstein’s time, we have two towering theories that have defied all attempts by some very smart people to be reconciled. The Standard Model, built on the foundations of quantum … Continue reading

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Scott Aaronson Visits D-Wave – No Casualties Reported

Those following the quantum computing story and D-Wave are well aware of the controversial scuffle between Scott and the company.  So it’s quite newsworthy that according to Scott’s own accord the hatchet has been buried. No more comparing the D‑Wave One to a … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing Bounty

If you can hunt down this dog cat and kill Quantum Computing for good than there will be a mighty big reward waiting for you.  Scott Aaronson put up a bounty of $100,000.  All you have to do is prove … Continue reading

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