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Je me souviens

Usually I don’ t post anything political here.  This time I make an exception.  I hope it will remain the only one.  

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The Google-Martinis Chip Will Perform Quantum Annealing

Ever since the news that John M. Martinis will join Google to develop a chip based on the work that has been performed at UCSB, speculations abound as to what kind of quantum architecture this chip will implement.  According to … Continue reading

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So You Want to Learn About Quantum Computing?

“Students will learn by inhabiting an alternate history where Alan Turing and Richard Feynman meet during World War II and must invent quantum computers to defeat Nazi Germany. As a final project, they will get to program a D-Wave One machine and … Continue reading

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My Fringe Science Problem

Updated below. It is past time to come clean. I have an addiction problem. It is said that the best way to confront this is to admit it: No matter how hard I try, I cannot stop paying attention to … Continue reading

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The Wave Particle Duality – A Deadly Divide

The curious fact that matter can exhibit wave-like properties (or should this rather be waves acting like particles?) is now referred to as the wave particle duality.  In old times it was often believed that there was some magic in giving something a … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing Hype Cycle and a Bet of my Own

The year 2013 started turbulent for the quantum computing field with a valiant effort by long time skeptic and distinguished experimentalist Michel  I. Dyakonov  to relegate it to the status of a pathological science akin to cold fusion (he does not use the … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name

Thanks to Mad Men, the concept of brand equity has been widely popularized, the most prominent example being that of a dog food company’s brand becoming toxic after it was reported that it used horse meat in its product (a practice that was outlawed in the … Continue reading

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Strong words on Weak Measurements

Recently news made the round that the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle was supposedly violated (apparently BBC online news tries to build on its bad track track record for news related to quantum mechanics). Of course this is utter and complete nonsense, … Continue reading

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Order from Quantum Discord

Conventional hardware thrives on our ability to create precision structures in the micro domain.  Computers are highly ordered and usually (for good reason) regarded as perfectly deterministic in the way that they process information. After all, the error rate of the modern computer is astronomically … Continue reading

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Diamonds are a Qubit’s Best Friend

A while ago, I looked into the chance that there would ever be a quantum computer for the rest of us. The biggest obstacle for this is the ultra-low temperature regime that all current quantum computing realizations require.  Although a long shot, … Continue reading

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