Liner Blues

Pretty cool huh, showing off the progress of building this cool ice rink? Looks fun right? Well, lets just say you’re WRONG. That rink took over 5 hours of solid building in freezing conditions, with nothing but a few planks, a powerdrill or two, and barely anything to keep warm.

Additionally, it was not only tedious, but it is VERY delicate. If there is a single hole in the liner, all the water will flow out, so we need to find that hole and patch it. And if we don’t, then the liner is ripped, making the rink unusable, and we can only buy another one next year for hundreds of dollars. Hooray

And you want to know who causes the holes in the liner? Read the second word of this paragraph.

If you get onto the ice when the rink is closed and you break through the ice you will almost certainly make a hole in the liner.

If you want to actually enjoy skating around or playing hockey or whatever you do on the rink, please stay off when the rink is marked closed, because just one little hole in the liner means ruining everyone else’s fun for the rest of the year.

So please, I beg you.