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Progressing from the God Particle to the Gay Particle

… and other physics and QC news The ‘god particle’, aka the Higgs boson, received a lot of attention, not that this wasn’t warranted, but I can’t help but suspect that the justification of the CERN budget is partly to blame … Continue reading

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What Defines a Quantum Computer?

Recently a friend of mine observed in an email discussion “I must admit I find it a little difficult to keep up with the various definitions of quantum computing.” A healthy sign for an enlightened confusion, because this already sets … Continue reading

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The Google-Martinis Chip Will Perform Quantum Annealing

Ever since the news that John M. Martinis will join Google to develop a chip based on the work that has been performed at UCSB, speculations abound as to what kind of quantum architecture this chip will implement.  According to … Continue reading

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About that Google Quantum Chip

In light of the recent news that John Martinis is joining Google, it is worthwhile to check out this Google talk from last year: It is an hour long talk but very informative. John Martinis does an excellent job at explaining, … Continue reading

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News Roundup

  As school starts, I should find my way back to a regular blogging schedule. I usually drive my kids to German Saturday school and then pass the time at a nearby Starbucks updating this blog. Job and family demanded … Continue reading

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The Business Case for D-Wave

A tried and tested success formula for lazy journalism is the build-up and tear-down pattern. The hype comes before the fall. In the context of information technology, Gartner copyrighted the aptly named term “hype cycle”. Every technology starts out in … Continue reading

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Just in Case You Want to Simulate an Ising Spin Glass Model

This is just a short update to include a link to the solver code developed by Matthias Troyer et al. that I discussed in my last blog post. The advantage of conventional open source code is that everybody can play with … Continue reading

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A Bet Lost, Despite Entanglement

And Why There Still May be Some Free Cheese in my Future. Occasionally I like to bet. And in Matthias Troyer I found somebody who took me up on it.  I wrote about this bet a while ago, but back … Continue reading

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D-Wave Withdrawal Relief

For anybody needing an immediate dose of D-Wave news, Wired has this long, well researched article (Robert R. Tucci summarized it in visual form on his blog). It strikes a pretty objective tone, yet I find the uncritical acceptance of … Continue reading

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The Church of D-Wave

Are You a BDeliever? Science and religion have a difficult relationship, and sometimes they combine in the most obscure manner, such as when Scientology was conceived.  The latter seems to have lost a lot of its appeal and followers, but it … Continue reading

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