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The Business Case for D-Wave

A tried and tested success formula for lazy journalism is the build-up and tear-down pattern. The hype comes before the fall. In the context of information technology, Gartner copyrighted the aptly named term “hype cycle”. Every technology starts out in … Continue reading

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Fusion and Other News – Memory Hole Rescue

Another post on D-Wave is in my blog queue, but with all this attention on quantum computing my other favorite BC based high tech start-up doesn’t get enough of my time – I haven’t written anything on energy and fusion … Continue reading

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Just in Case You Want to Simulate an Ising Spin Glass Model

This is just a short update to include a link to the solver code developed by Matthias Troyer et al. that I discussed in my last blog post. The advantage of conventional open source code is that everybody can play with … Continue reading

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A Bet Lost, Despite Entanglement

And Why There Still May be Some Free Cheese in my Future. Occasionally I like to bet. And in Matthias Troyer I found somebody who took me up on it.  I wrote about this bet a while ago, but back … Continue reading

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D-Wave Withdrawal Relief

For anybody needing an immediate dose of D-Wave news, Wired has this long, well researched article (Robert R. Tucci summarized it in visual form on his blog). It strikes a pretty objective tone, yet I find the uncritical acceptance of … Continue reading

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Breaking Science News on the Blogosphere?

Update Below It has been my long held belief that science media needs an additional corrective in the form of blogs, similar to the development we’ve seen in the political sphere.  Now it seems the news that the BICEP results, … Continue reading

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Time for Another Blogroll Memory Hole Rescue

Unlike the US, tax returns in Canada are due by the end of April, but because of the Heartbleed bug, Revenue Canada had to take down electronic filing for a while, so the deadline has been extended a bit.  It … Continue reading

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The Church of D-Wave

Are You a BDeliever? Science and religion have a difficult relationship, and sometimes they combine in the most obscure manner, such as when Scientology was conceived.  The latter seems to have lost a lot of its appeal and followers, but it … Continue reading

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Inflation not Over-Inflated after all?

Updated Below Cosmology is quintessential popular science, but I always regarded it as the most dismal field of physics because there is no avenue for experiments to keep run-away speculations at bay. It’s like trying to catch a perpetrator by … Continue reading

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The Science Newscycle

As life keeps me otherwise busy, I am again late in finishing my next blog post, but in the meantime this web comic nicely summarizes much of the news dynamics of science in general and quantum computing in particular (h/t … Continue reading

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