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The Church of D-Wave

Are You a BDeliever? Science and religion have a difficult relationship, and sometimes they combine in the most obscure manner, such as when Scientology was conceived.  The latter seems to have lost a lot of its appeal and followers, but it … Continue reading

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Inflation not Over-Inflated after all?

Updated Below Cosmology is quintessential popular science, but I always regarded it as the most dismal field of physics because there is no avenue for experiments to keep run-away speculations at bay. It’s like trying to catch a perpetrator by … Continue reading

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The Science Newscycle

As life keeps me otherwise busy, I am again late in finishing my next blog post, but in the meantime this web comic nicely summarizes much of the news dynamics of science in general and quantum computing in particular (h/t … Continue reading

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The Most Important Discovery of the 21st Century

Last year I tried to establish a blog tradition of starting the new year with a hopeful science news item, something that shows enormous technological potential to change the world for the better.  But come New Years, it didn’t work … Continue reading

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He Said She Said – How Blogs are Changing the Scientific Discourse

The debate about D-Wave’s “quantumness” shows no signs of abating, hitting a new high note with the company being prominently featured on Time magazine’s recent cover, prompting a dissection of the article on Scott Aaronson’s blog. This was quickly followed … Continue reading

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One Video to Rule Them All

Updated below This is essentially an extended update to my last D-Wave post. Rather than stick it there, I think it is important enough to merit its own post.  The reason being, I wish I could make anybody who plans … Continue reading

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Science News that isn’t really News

Usually, I don’t blog about things that don’t particularly interest me.  But even if you are a potted plant (preferably with a physics degree), you probably have people talking to you about this ‘amazing’ new paper by Stephen Hawking. So, … Continue reading

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Scott Aaronson (again) resigns as chief D-Wave critic and endorses their experiments

An exercise in positive spin. Update below. The English language is astoundingly malleable. It feels almost as if it was tailor made for marketing spin. I noticed this long ago (feels like a lifetime) when working in a position that … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing NSA Round-Up

Ever since the Edward Snowden-provided news broke that the NSA spent in excess of $100M on quantum computing I meant to address this in a blog post. But Robert R. Tucci beat me to it and has some very interesting … Continue reading

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Here be Fusion

During my autumn travel to the Canadian West Coast I was given the opportunity to visit yet another High Tech Start-up with a vision no less radical and bold than D-Wave’s. I have written about General Fusion before, and it … Continue reading

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