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The Science Newscycle

As life keeps me otherwise busy, I am again late in finishing my next blog post, but in the meantime this web comic nicely summarizes much of the news dynamics of science in general and quantum computing in particular (h/t … Continue reading

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He Said She Said – How Blogs are Changing the Scientific Discourse

The debate about D-Wave’s “quantumness” shows no signs of abating, hitting a new high note with the company being prominently featured on Time magazine’s recent cover, prompting a dissection of the article on Scott Aaronson’s blog. This was quickly followed … Continue reading

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One Video to Rule Them All

Updated below This is essentially an extended update to my last D-Wave post. Rather than stick it there, I think it is important enough to merit its own post.  The reason being, I wish I could make anybody who plans … Continue reading

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Scott Aaronson (again) resigns as chief D-Wave critic and endorses their experiments

An exercise in positive spin. Update below. The English language is astoundingly malleable. It feels almost as if it was tailor made for marketing spin. I noticed this long ago (feels like a lifetime) when working in a position that … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing NSA Round-Up

Ever since the Edward Snowden-provided news broke that the NSA spent in excess of $100M on quantum computing I meant to address this in a blog post. But Robert R. Tucci beat me to it and has some very interesting … Continue reading

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Blog Memory Hole Rescue – The Fun is Real

It seems that work and life is conspiring to leave me no time to finish my write-up on my General Fusion visit.  Started it weeks ago but still I am not ready to hit the publish button on this piece. … Continue reading

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The D-Wave Phenomenon

This is my first installment of the write-up on my recent visit to D-Wave in Burnaby, BC. No matter where you stand on the merits of D-Wave technology, there is no doubt they have already made computing history. Transistors have … Continue reading

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Septimana Mirabilis – Major Quantum Information Technology Breakthroughs

Update 4: The award for the funniest photo commentary on this imbroglio goes to Robert Tucci. Update 3: Congratulations to D-Wave for their  recent sale of the D-Wave Two machine to  the non-profit Space Research Association  – to be used collaboratively by Google and NASA. (h/t … Continue reading

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So You Want to Learn About Quantum Computing?

“Students will learn by inhabiting an alternate history where Alan Turing and Richard Feynman meet during World War II and must invent quantum computers to defeat Nazi Germany. As a final project, they will get to program a D-Wave One machine and … Continue reading

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The Dark Horse of Quantum Computing

Updated below. Recently, Science magazine prominently featured Quantum Information Processing on their cover:   The periodical has a great track record in publishing on QIS, and this is the main reason why I subscribe to it. Unfortunatelly, reading this issue, … Continue reading

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