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The Race Towards Universal Quantum Computing – Lost in Confusion

If headlines and news articles were all you had to go by when trying to form an opinion about quantum computing, you’d end up with one enormous migraine. For many years now, they have created a constant barrage of conflicting story lines. … Continue reading

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Progressing from the God Particle to the Gay Particle

… and other physics and QC news The ‘god particle’, aka the Higgs boson, received a lot of attention, not that this wasn’t warranted, but I can’t help but suspect that the justification of the CERN budget is partly to blame … Continue reading

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What Defines a Quantum Computer?

Recently a friend of mine observed in an email discussion “I must admit I find it a little difficult to keep up with the various definitions of quantum computing.” A healthy sign for an enlightened confusion, because this already sets … Continue reading

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The Google-Martinis Chip Will Perform Quantum Annealing

Ever since the news that John M. Martinis will join Google to develop a chip based on the work that has been performed at UCSB, speculations abound as to what kind of quantum architecture this chip will implement.  According to … Continue reading

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About that Google Quantum Chip

In light of the recent news that John Martinis is joining Google, it is worthwhile to check out this Google talk from last year: It is an hour long talk but very informative. John Martinis does an excellent job at explaining, … Continue reading

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News Roundup

  As school starts, I should find my way back to a regular blogging schedule. I usually drive my kids to German Saturday school and then pass the time at a nearby Starbucks updating this blog. Job and family demanded … Continue reading

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The Business Case for D-Wave

A tried and tested success formula for lazy journalism is the build-up and tear-down pattern. The hype comes before the fall. In the context of information technology, Gartner copyrighted the aptly named term “hype cycle”. Every technology starts out in … Continue reading

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Just in Case You Want to Simulate an Ising Spin Glass Model

This is just a short update to include a link to the solver code developed by Matthias Troyer et al. that I discussed in my last blog post. The advantage of conventional open source code is that everybody can play with … Continue reading

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A Bet Lost, Despite Entanglement

And Why There Still May be Some Free Cheese in my Future. Occasionally I like to bet. And in Matthias Troyer I found somebody who took me up on it.  I wrote about this bet a while ago, but back … Continue reading

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D-Wave Withdrawal Relief

For anybody needing an immediate dose of D-Wave news, Wired has this long, well researched article (Robert R. Tucci summarized it in visual form on his blog). It strikes a pretty objective tone, yet I find the uncritical acceptance of … Continue reading

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