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Keep Walking – No Quantum Computing Jobs on Offer

UPDATE: Ever so often I get a search engine click on this post, presumably from QIS job seekers. So despite the dreary title I now can give you a link to this job portal. When promoting my last blog post … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Quantum Computing

An attempted apotheosis. In the beginning there was Feynman.  And Feynman was with the scientific establishment.  Feynman was a god. Or at least as close to it as a mortal physicist can ever be. He tamed the light with his QED … Continue reading

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Information is Physical

Even when the headlines are not gut-wrenching One of the most astounding theoretical predictions of the late 20th century was Landauer’s discovery that erasing memory is linked to entropy i.e. heat is produced whenever a bit is fully and irrevocably erased.  As far … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing for the Rest of Us? – UPDATED

<Go to update> Everybody who is following the Quantum Computing story will have heard by now about IBM’s new chip. This certainly gives credence to the assumption that superconducting Josephon junction-based technology will win the race.  This may seem like … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Quantum Hippies

… and why I blame Niels Bohr. A satirical hyperbolic polemic Recently there was a bit of a tempest in a teapot in the LinkedIn quantum physics group because it is very much over-run by members who I dub “Quantum … Continue reading

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