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Quantum Computing for the Rest of Us? – UPDATED

<Go to update> Everybody who is following the Quantum Computing story will have heard by now about IBM’s new chip. This certainly gives credence to the assumption that superconducting Josephon junction-based technology will win the race.  This may seem like … Continue reading

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Where Buzzwords Go to Die

It is a pretty sure sign that a buzzword is near the end of its life cycle when the academic world uses it for promotional purposes. Ever more science research comes with its own version of marketing hype.  What makes … Continue reading

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Dust to dust – Science for Science

No, this is not an obituary for D-Wave. But the reporting of the latest news connected to D-Wave just doesn’t sit well with me. Ever tried to strike up a conversation about Ramsey numbers around the water cooler, or just before … Continue reading

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