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Explaining Quantum Computing – Blogroll Memory Hole Rescue

So what is quantum computing? This is the most dreaded question for anybody involved with this field if posed by a friend or relative without a physics background.  When I am too tired or busy to make an honest effort, … Continue reading

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More Lost Papers

As promised, the translation of the paper that contains Einstein’s last important contribution to modern physics has been completed.   Paul Terlunen graciously provided the initial translation, and my wife Sara helped immensely with the final editing. Starting point for this effort was … Continue reading

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Vested in IT Security and Losing Sleep Over Quantum Computing?

If so, then this special edition of the IT security magazine hakin9 might be just what the doctor ordered. Your humble blogger was asked to provide an article and so I contributed the “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Quantum Computer?” … Continue reading

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Feynman would have approved

Astute followers of this blog know that quantum computing was the brain child of Richard Feynman whose contribution to the quantum field theory of electrodynamics earned him a Nobel prize. Feynman was the first to remark on the fact that classical computers … Continue reading

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