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Another post on D-Wave is in my blog queue, but with all this attention on quantum computing my other favorite BC based high tech start-up doesn’t get enough of my time – I haven’t written anything on energy and fusion for quite a while, despite some dramatic recent news (h/t Theo) with regards to another dark horse fusion contender.

Fortunately, there is another excellent blog out there which is solely focused on fusion technology and the various concepts in the field. The Polywell is covered in depth, but General Fusion also gets is due, for its innovative technology.

Another focus of mine, the trouble with contemporary theoretical physics also keeps falling through the cracks.  From my past posts one may get the impression that I am just yet another String apostate, but I don’t really have any trouble with String Theory as such, but rather with uncritical confirmation bias. Unfortunately, the latter cuts across all fields as nicely demonstrates in this recent post of hers.

3 thoughts on “Fusion and Other News – Memory Hole Rescue

  1. Also a fan of General Fusion and like D-wave, these guys have cojones! You just notice the spirit of innovation in them and determination against all odds, sometimes in a very amusing way. They even buy stuff at Costco, as mentioned in this article:

    “If you can’t buy it at a Costco, Home Depot or
    Canadian Tire, it doesn’t go into the machine.”


    Both companies I believe have the same financial backers which probably explain their real-world approaches to research. Still thinking about this approach versus academic research.

    Since I’m in the mood for (over) sharing, I find the VASIMR rocket (to Mars) also very interesting which is very promising but no less controversial as D-wave and General Fusion.

    1. No doubt VASIMR is similar in that they are also seeking to leap frog conventional wisdom. Bold and audacious, very much hope they’ll succeed. If they do asteroid mining will look far less pie in the sky.

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