The Science Newscycle

As life keeps me otherwise busy, I am again late in finishing my next blog post, but in the meantime this web comic nicely summarizes much of the news dynamics of science in general and quantum computing in particular (h/t my lovely wife Sara).

"The Science Newscycle" by Jorge Cham


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2 Responses to The Science Newscycle

  1. rrtucci says:

    If I had drawn that cartoon, the academic author would be seen writing two versions, version 1 is level headed for the journal, and version 2 is very hyped up (bordering on a lie) for the press release (the truth is that academics write their university’s press releases, or at least vet them). Then I would have shown the press amplifying the exaggerations, adding disingenuous quotes from the author’s friends. Then I would have shown the scientist at the end denying to his mother that he had any part in the exaggeration perpetrated by the evil media and showing version 1 to bolster his claim.

  2. Sol Warda says:

    Hi Henning: Sorry for being off topic again, but here is some new & wonderful news about the discovery of gravitational waves in the Big Bang from NY Times:

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