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Quantum Computing Micro Poll

Although the data basis is extremely small I think the results from this poll may still be instructive because I only advertised it within the LinkedIn Quantum Information Science Group.  I feel reasonably confident that the two dozen individuals of the roughly 1000 members of this group who bothered to vote are pretty well-informed on the subject matter.  The results indicate that the race is still wide open when asked what technology will first allow for more than a 100 quantum gates:

Click on the image to go to the live poll

Another little fun fact (although not statistically significant) is to compare the average age of the voter demographics:  The classic way of quantum realization (trapped ions) also has the highest average voter age at 37.5 years, while the youngest average age is recorded for the photonic approach at 29 years.

Unfortunately LinkedIn polls only allow for five choices. So I had to pick what I think are the front-runners.  Would love to learn what QC realizations the three votes for “something else” are referring to.