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Transmuting Waste and Worries Away

Alchemists of old yearned for the philosopher stone, a substance of magical quality that would allow them to transmute other elements into gold.  Nowadays, it would be even more valuable to have this mythical device, since its transmuting power could be harnessed … Continue reading

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Strong words on Weak Measurements

Recently news made the round that the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle was supposedly violated (apparently BBC online news tries to build on its bad track track record for news related to quantum mechanics). Of course this is utter and complete nonsense, … Continue reading

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Order from Quantum Discord

Conventional hardware thrives on our ability to create precision structures in the micro domain.  Computers are highly ordered and usually (for good reason) regarded as perfectly deterministic in the way that they process information. After all, the error rate of the modern computer is astronomically … Continue reading

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From the Annals of the Impossible (Experimental Physics)

Updated below. Radioactive decay is supposed to be the ultimate random process, immutably governed by an element’s half life and nothing else.  There is no way to determine when a single radioactive atom will spontaneously decay, nor any way to speed-up … Continue reading

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