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SUSY Matrix Blues

Dr. Gates, a distinguished theoretical physicist (with a truly inspiring biography), recently made an astounding statement during an interview on NPR (the clip from the On Being show can be found here – a transcript is also online).  It gave … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth More Than a Thousand Lines of Code

Imagine a world before the advent of the steam engine that nevertheless imminently anticipates this marvelous machine’s arrival. Although no locomotive has been built, civil engineers are already busy discussing how to build rail-road bridges, architects try to determine the optimal layout of train stations, and the logistics … Continue reading

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Regular Blogging Will Resume Shortly

Currently I am spending way too much time commenting on Scott Aaronson’s blog where the Joy Christian “Bell Inequality Disproof” controversy is still in full swing.  The latter also inpsired me to the new “QC Bet Tracker” page on this humble blog … Continue reading

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About Time – Blogroll Memory Hole Rescue

One of the most fascinating aspects of quantum information research is that it sheds light on the connections between informational and thermodynamic entropy, as well as how time factors into quantum dynamics. I.e. Schroedinger Equation and Heisenberg picture are equivalent. … Continue reading

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