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Recently Scott Aaronson offered a bounty of $100,000 to anybody who can prove that universal quantum computing is not possible in the real world. This was countered by a $200,000 bet, put forward by the notorious Joy Christian who argues that the EPR paradox can be resolved via topological means. He goes so far as to propose an experiment that he believes would demonstrate entanglement like correlations even for macroscopic objects – why and how this squares with the claimed impossibility of scalable quantum computing is not quite clear.

What is clear is that if they play fair, one of these fine gentlemen will lose a lot of money (although if the wait is long enough inflation might lessen the blow).

I will dedicate this page to tracking if any of the conditions of these bets are met. Comments with pointers to relevant news that might be considered a trigger for the fulfillment of one of these gambling debts are more than welcome.

Not really a quantum mechanical device but sufficiently random for all practical purposes.

One thought on “QC Bet Tracker

  1. Everything observable is Relativistic, therefore all observations whether classical, quantum, particle physics based, or otherwise are relativistic.

    Therefore, our observable universe is a superposition of relative relationships on foundational physics: i.e. observable physics is what we consider real world, but nothing we perceive is an absolute object.

    Classical Physics uses equations with boundary conditions that approximate applicability.

    Quantum Physics uses equations of distributions that have the boundary conditions included within the data sets.

    Personally, based upon all the experiments that have been done related to quantum entanglement. What is being observed are differences between systems of entanglements, not individual entanglements.

    Entanglements have causality, magnitude assertion, and connectedness. Everything needed to make functioned quantum entanglements. As such, a relativistic system of relationships can be superimposed upon a system of entanglements to create all observable physics. QESdunn

    So Quantum Mechanics is equally valid as any mathematic relationships proposed; all valid “relative” to the observers’ boundary conditions.

    Another pathway if possible for modeling precisely the Universe using tools of functioned quantum entanglements.

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