Taking it to the Next Level

        The summit of the Computing Pyramid is no longer just an academic specter.

It is no secret that I’ve been always impressed with D-Wave. Sure, they “only” perform quantum annealing on their chip, and there is no guarantee that there is any “quantum supremacy” to be had, but with their machine, qubits can be harnessed for the first time to do something useful. I.e D-Wave now offers enough computational power to hold its own in comparison to the established computing architecture. It’s unrealistic to expect it to be the silver bullet for all optimization problems, but it is for real and it is available, and as soon as something can be actually useful you can put a price on it.

My company is in the business of developing Open Source software in the QC space, and to offer advice and consulting to customers who want to assess and explore the possibilities in this new frontier of Information Technology. Our software can already talk to the IBM Quantum Experience Chip, a universal gate based chip which is an impressive proof of concept, but is not yet of any practical use. It did not sit well with me that we could not address the D-Wave API in a similar manner.

That’s why I picked up the phone and reached out to D-Wave to establish a relationship that will allow my company, artiste-qb.net, to do just that.

So while I will always strive for full transparency when discussing quantum information technologies, when I am writing about D-Wave in the future it will no longer be the vantage point of an unaffiliated observer, but rather the perspective of someone who will work actively to help them succeed on the merits of their technology.