In Case your Interested in more Uplifting Fusion News

While Rossi’s amazing legislative adventures will keep the regulars coming, maybe some of you would like to spend some time on more uplifting fusion ventures. If so I invite you to head over to the main blog, the video I just added is an hour long, but is time well spend if you share an interest in Fusion off the beaten ITER path.


That’s me on the General Fusion Contraption, just to drive home the point that I am totally not unbiased when it comes to that company. Greatly admire what they try to achieve.


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Is it Wise to Listen to an Old Fashioned Cartoon Character?



We probably will find out soon enough.

Personally, I am not particularly interested in the LENR story at this point.  As I expected as soon as Rossi had been fully and thoroughly discredited he tarred the whole field – right or wrong.  I give Steven B. Krivit high marks for realizing this early on, and for promoting the more credible research in this area. Nevertheless, I am highly skeptical. If there is anything there, it is almost certainly chemical in nature, and it will require some extremely high quality science to fully establish the effect. Something I don’t expect to happen.

To prove that there is anything nuclear going on would require some extremely compelling data, in conjunction with lots of theoretical work that rules out any conventional explanation. It also requires repeatability, which is why I am not holding my breath on the
Iwamura et al. research either, but if we ever get confirmations from outstanding labs with good data, I’d be happy to change my mind.

Anyhow, feel free to carry on discussions at this site, but please keep it civil.



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Rossi back in the news


Since I regularly peruse the website I couldn’t fail to notice that our Italian LENR renaissance man is back in the news, the article has been written firmly tongue in cheek, albeit apparently by someone who didn’t follow this saga all that closely.  The 1MW plants have been supposedly for order since last year, so why is this news now? Also I remember distinctively that Rossi claimed to already have sold a couple, but who’s counting?

Not me.  There a more important things than to waste time on this clown show.  My low level interest in LENR will continue, kept alive by somewhat more credible reports (e.g. this report h/t Dan S). Also Steven Krivit was so kind to alert me to his comprehensive review. If I find the time I may highlight some of the research there, especially if I come across something that I find truly intriguing.

There are other worthwhile projects such as thinking about foolproof calorimetry, and I plan to revisit this at some point, but for now there is just too much good non-fringe stuff keeping me busy.

So until further notice the hiatus of my fringe blog will now continue.




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Do You Think You Know What a Good LENR+ Test Protocol Looks Like?

We want your expertise.

If you do, then you came to the right place. So far in the previous threat’s comment section we gathered the following high level criteria (h/t General, Mary and Ransom):

  • Unaffiliated lab location, preferably at a local university (e.g. UBC).
  • Bring your own power source.
  • Properly measure the output.
  • Hire a stage magician to detect any sleight of hand



While the first bullet point is a matter of logistics, the latter two need some refinement:

Input Control

If a benchtop lab power supply suffices, I suggest this could alleviate some of the preparation to keep track of the input power.  (Have no idea if this is possible as I haven’t paid attention to how the device looks these days).

Otherwise Mary suggested we need the ability to interrupt the AC supply to both the heaters, and spark plug power supplies with our own power cord in order to monitor input power with a high quality broad band power meter on both lines (e.g. a Clark-Hess).

In addition the input coolant mass flow rate and the mass averaged temperature needs to be recorded.

Output Control

To get clean output stream. Mary suggests sparging it into an insulated container and measuring the temperature rise.

Since the test design discussed here, is for a testing proposal, I suggest we focus on this approach rather than working with a heat exchanger.

Test Protocol


Mary pointed out that for the power measurement calibration needs to be performed over the entire range of anticipated temperatures by using the electrical heater.

Preferably there should be two reactors for measurement. After calibration I suggest zero runs (empty reactor) measurements should be performed on both. This is to identify any potential systematic error source that could arise from moving the measurement devices from one to the other.


For the actual measurement one of the reactors will be active the other contain no fuel. The information which one is the active one will not be shared with the team (or individual) performing the measurement.


A Nomex suit and a Lexan shield, goggles and head protection are good practice whenever hight temp steam is involved (h/t Mary).

Stage Magician

Can do magic and catch criminals.

Tony Blake is not available due to being a fictional character, so I suggest we drop that point (the Mentalist would have been cool too, but suffers the same shortcoming).

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Hiatus Interrupted

As long as Paul keeps ecatnews open, there is no pressing reason to go back to my earlier posting schedule, but I will use this blog to highlight some more fringy aspects of posts on my main blog.

My lastest post there was triggered by some investigative reporting from Steven Krivit about sonoluminescence. I found the shenanigans that he uncovered rather troubling.

But there is another aspect to this story that I never quite understood. Why did LENR develop such a rabid fan base but bubble fusion aka sonoluminescence did not? Is it just because nobody knows how to properly pronounce the latter?

To me this is rather baffling. After all sonoluminescence has the added benefit of being a genuinely accepted poorly understood phenomenon, and there is also no shortage of questionable companies promising to turn this into a worry free energy source. So what gives?

This awesome lab equipment of Quantum Fusion puts any LENR outfit to shame.

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Word Press Spam Situation is Worsening

One unfortunate side effect of this development is that more spam gets through, but even worse than that, there are false positives.

This affected even blog regulars such as spacegoat.  What prompted me to write this post was a long and helpful comment to the testing thread by AlainCo being mis-classified as spam.

Problem is, I don’t get email notifications for spam, and given the volume of spam this would be completely impractical.

If your comment does not show up within a reasonable time frame, chances are it was misclassified as spam.  In this case please send me a notification to alert me to this fact. For this purpose I created a email address with username quaxquax (just combine the two parts to form a valid email address, don’t want to have it written out in a permanent post to prevent email harvesting).

Alternatively, you can also connect with me on LinkedIn to send me such notifications.


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Open Thread

The comment ordering in the  Other Kind of Cold Fusion Crosspost seems to be broken. Replies to recent comments get tacked onto the bottom (a WordPress ailment that long ECN threats also sometimes suffered from).

Therefor here’s a new thread for anything LENR.  For instance Kim’s ICCF-18 slides (h/t DSM).

The previous thread I would like to keep focused on ideas for an ideal testing scenario.



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