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The Greatest Tragic Hero of Physics

Although widely admired and loved, in the end he died like so many who came to extremes of fame or fortune – estranged from family and separated from old friends. The only person to witness his death in exile was … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing – A Matter of Life and Death

In terms of commercial use cases, I have looked at corporate IT, as well as how a quantum computer will fit in with the evolving cloud computing infrastructure.  However, where QC will make the most difference -as in, a difference … Continue reading

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How Did Physics Become So Strange?

Let’s start with a quiz: Undeservedly the first man made it onto the top ten BBC Millennium list (10th) while arguably James Clerk Maxwell, the gentleman to the right, considerably improved the lot of humanity.  He changed physics forever, single-handedly undermining the very … Continue reading

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Analog VLSI for Neural Networks – A Cautious Tale for Adiabatic Quantum Computing

Update:  This research is now again generating some mainstream headlines.  Will be interesting to see if this hybrid chip paradigm will have more staying power than previous analog computing approaches. ### Fifteen years ago I attempted to find an efficient randomized training algorithm … Continue reading

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