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Rescued From the Blogroll Memory Hole

During the week my professional life leaves me no time to create original content.  Yet, there is a lot of excellent material out there pertinent to the nascent quantum information industry. So to fill the inter-week void I think it is very … Continue reading

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Scott Aaronson Visits D-Wave – No Casualties Reported

Those following the quantum computing story and D-Wave are well aware of the controversial scuffle between Scott and the company.  So it’s quite newsworthy that according to Scott’s own accord the hatchet has been buried. No more comparing the D‑Wave One to a … Continue reading

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Where Buzzwords Go to Die

It is a pretty sure sign that a buzzword is near the end of its life cycle when the academic world uses it for promotional purposes. Ever more science research comes with its own version of marketing hype.  What makes … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing Micro Poll

Although the data basis is extremely small I think the results from this poll may still be instructive because I only advertised it within the LinkedIn Quantum Information Science Group.  I feel reasonably confident that the two dozen individuals of the roughly 1000 members of this … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing Bounty

If you can hunt down this dog cat and kill Quantum Computing for good than there will be a mighty big reward waiting for you.  Scott Aaronson put up a bounty of $100,000.  All you have to do is prove … Continue reading

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